Etics means External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems

The general idea is building a simple wall with boards of thermal insulation sticked from the outside using sticking mortar, with a frame of fiberglass to protect the system. The surface is finished with a final covering that gives it a permanent protection and decoration.

The boards of thermal insulation have a very important role in this system because it is what gives support and durability to the system.
Using the ISOETICS boards have several advantages in comparison with using some others insulation boards. They were specifically created for ETICS system. There are several advantages if we compare it with other ETICS systems. Etics significa External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems - ITE-SATE

Advantages of the ETICS system:
  • Reduction of the thermal bridges, without needing complex and constructive details
  • Reduction of the thickness of the outside walls
  • Reduction of condensation risk
  • Reduction of the weight of the walls and of the permanent load on the structure
  • Increase of the protection of the walls against the action of the atmospheric agents (thermal shock, solar radiation etc..)
  • Improves waterproofing of the walls
  • Energy saving due to less need of heating and cooling the inside ambient
  • Ideal for restorations: inhabitants do not have to leave home or even being disturbed
  • Wide variety of finishing solutions

What are the ISOETICS boards?

These are specific boards for the ETICS system that are made of polyisocyanurate (PIR). There are several advantages if we compare it with other ETICS systems.

ISOETICS boards are certified

Advantages of using ISOETICS:

Low level of thermal conductivity:

is the product available in the market which have the best thermal efficiency.

Incresase of the Useful Area/ Reduction of the Thickness of the Walls/ Saving on Trims/ Frames

When we compare it with other options we realize that using the isoetics boards we need less thickness in order to obtain the same level of insulation.

Excellent mechanical properties:

The isoetics boards have an excellent resistance to compression because they keep the necessary elasticity to adapt to the structure without breaking.

A stronger system, protected from outside impact

Excellent dimensional stability:

Portugal is tipically a country where there are very significative changes of temperature in short periods of time (very hot days, very cold nights). These are, often, the main reasons for fissures and damages in the traditional ETICS system. The isoetics boards have an extraordinary dimensional stability.

A stable system, without changes even under severe temperature oscilattions. No more fissures.

A house is built to last more that 50 years so we must use materials with large durability. The Isoetics boards last more more than 50 years without losing none of its properties.

A long duration system.

Water and Humidity:

The Master Iso boards are made of 95% closed-cells and 5% open-cells. Because of its composition they do not absorb any water but at the same time they are transpirable which allows the house to breathe.

A waterproof system that lets the house breath avoiding cases of humidity and mildew.


About 95% of the volume of the boards is constituted by gas which gives to the boards a great lightness, low density and high resistance to compression.

Lightweight and resistance.

Easy application:
  • The Isoetics boards are very easy to install because, even they are very resistant, it is easy to cut them and to turn them similar to the wall in case it is necessary.
  • The boards are very adherent to mortar.
  • They are resistant to the most of the chemical substances used in construction as solvents, for instance. Bituminous materials, glue components, fuel, mineral oil etc..

Quick and easy application

Isoetics system it is the most durable and resistant solution.
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001 - ISOETICS com revestimento aplicado sobre o isolante