Today we face  the biggest challenge ever: how to keep our life style in despite of the decrease of the natural resources and the increase of pollution.
Atmosphere is a huge environmental problem. Planet warming is causing some important climate and sea water changes.
The main reason for global warming are the carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel.Scientists believe that we must reduce carbon dioxide emissions in about 60 to 90% in order to stabilize the climate.
Today is the day to start make it happen!

In Europe most part of energy is used for heating/cooling buildings.

Buildings are responsible for 50% of the energy used in Europe (including industrial buildings).
Source: DG TREN

There is, obviously, a urgent need to reduce the amount of energy used in buildings.

Renewable energies  have a great potential, specially now that the massive production is becoming a reality, but also the first step to reduce the CO2 emissions through energy-efficiency.

Energy-efficiency measures tend to be less expensive and easier to put into practice than renewable energies.

The faster and longtime solution is buildings insulation.

Existing buildings: possibility of reducing the need of heating/cooling them in about 30-50%

New buildings: possibility of reducing the heating/cooling in 90-95% using the existing technologie.

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