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Luxury in thermal confort

What is a Master Iso board?
Master Iso boards are made in order to be the best thermal insulation solution in the market.
The insulation boards Master Iso are certified.


Low Index of Thermal Conductivity:
  Master Iso boards have the lowest level of thermal conductivity.
Consequentely is the material, available in the market, which have de best thermal efficiency.When we compare it with other similar solution we realize that we need less thickness to reach the same degree of insulation.


Excellent Mechanical Features:
A thermal insulator must have good resistance to impact specially when insulating floors and for the external thermal insulation composite systems. The Master Iso boards have an excellent response to compression but they still have the elasticity needed to do the adaptation to the structure without breaking.

Excellent Dimensional Stability:

One of the biggest advantages of the Master Iso boards is its good behaviour under severe temperature changes. Portugal is tipically a country where there are very significant temperature changes in a short period of time (extremely hot days, extremely cold nights), and some materials are not prepared to those climate differences. The Master Iso boards have an extraordinary dimensional stability.This is very important if we talk about external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS).

The Master Iso boards have a life time of more thar 50 years, always keeping the thermal characteristics thanks to its resistance to the external elements such as: humidity, water, wind.

Water and Humidity Resistance:
The Master Iso boards are made of 95% closed-cells and 5% open-cells.Because of this kind of compositiion the boards do not absorb or transport water.The 5% of open-cells is for the structure to breathe. The amount of water that can be absorbed in case of direct contact, must be eliminated without changing the characteristics of the product.

In fact 95% of the volume of the Master Iso boards is gas. This feature gives to the boards a great lightness, low density and a high resistance to compression.Its low level of thermal conductivity also means less thickness, if we compare it with other thermal insulators, in order to ensure the same thermal performance.All these characteristics make the Master Iso boards one of the lighter and less thick solutions.

Chemical and Biological Resistance:
The contact with chemical products may change the characteristics of some thermal insulators.The Master Iso boards are resistant to the majority of the chemical substances used in buildings construction:
  • Solvents
  • Bituminous materials
  • Glue components
  • Wood protectors

In addition, the Master Iso boards are resistant to the effects of the plastic materials used in film, fuel, mineral oil, acids and diluted alkaloides, exhaustion gas and agressive atmospheres.

Master Iso boards do not putrefy, they are highly resistant to deterioration and have a neutral odor.

Source: Thermal insulation materials made of rigid polyurethane foam (PUR/PIR).

Excellent Fire Behavior:

The Master Iso boards are resistant to direct flame.In contact with fire there is no particles or drops fall. 

The Master Iso boards are CFC e HCFC's free

Click here to download the Master ISO PDF technical sheet.


Source: PU Europe

  • Aplicaciones del aislamiento com poliuretano: La solucion de hoy para las necessidades del mañana(Polyurethane insulators applications: The today solutions for the tomorrow needs)
Source: PU Europe

Source: PU Europe

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